HER is the new STAR TREK

I'm sure I'm overstating it.  Let me start there.  However, just hang with me for a second.  The technology represented in the movie HER (The Oscar Award Winning Screenplay by Spike Jonze) will be just as important to the future of human's interaction with computers as Star Trek was on cell phone technology.  Not necessarily in the science of it, but the yearn for it...which breeds the science...eventually.

The way the operating system learns the ropes on managing a life quickly.  Going through appointments.  Organizing things in a logical manner and basically outsourcing the bullshit that takes all of our time, yet contributes very little to our wellbeing on a daily basis.

Rapid access to information without needing to actually go through it all and coming up with the logical conclusion based on facts, corroborated across the entire planet's connected network and applying it to what you are actually passionate about.  This is the an advance that has been seen now (albeit in a very rudimentary way) in the movie HER.  I know if I was a software designer and I knew how to make a machine do those things, I would want to make it happen as soon as I could.  I want to consume such a device.

SPOILERS: Now, I'm not saying you have to take it so far as to "fall in love" with the system.  Also, I think I would miss typing silently (except for the clicking of they keys) and I wouldn't want to just do voice recognition.  Walking around talking to your OS - that's where it's a really creepy and a dystopian vision of a very self-centered and non-interactive future.  Hopefully we can now skip that part on the way through evolution to the ideal such OS/Device.  Do I really need to make the calls and talk to someone about changing a cancelled flight?  You know I wanted to go, right?  Put me on the next one and send me an instant message with my new boarding pass.  "Your 8:00am flight was cancelled, I've booked you on a 9:45am flight with another carrier and charged your account for the new flight."  Of course, I'd love to have the ability to call someone and discuss it because it "feels" better to do so...but does it really help?  Who knows?  I'd rather just have the system do it.

Maybe it's just me, but the depth and cleverness of this movie is incredible.  As part of an elite list, The Oscar ensures permanence and influence on culture.

If you haven't seen it.  See it.  It's weird.  It's amazing.  It's beautiful.  It's something that makes you think.  And that's good.