why i love twitter

I'm a twitter addict.  I love it.  I just think most people are using it wrong...

1. Follow people you respect, admire, enjoy, or generally find interesting - authors, comics, scientists, journalists, actors, whatever you're into...follow them.  A lot of them.  Like hundreds...one will lead to another.  See who they follow, etc.

2. For the most part, don't post stupid shit about what you're doing at that moment (just got a cup of coffee, blah, blah, blah) unless it made you laugh, cry, or think critically.  Otherwise you're just perpetuating the problem.

3. Don't follow people you don't enjoy.

4. Block assholes and people that you don't want to hear from that sneak their way into your timeline (TL).

5. Retweet (RT) things that you find make you laugh, cry, or think critically.

6. Keep following new and interesting people that you discover because you're already following such cool and interesting people.  The growth starts to become exponential.  

6a. Pay attention and participate on Follow Friday (#FF) by actually following new people.

What you get is a constant stream of interesting things that are catered to your particular interests.  That stream never stops and it never disappoints.  You can check in whenever you want and it will always be there for you.  Kill 5 minutes waiting in line at the grocery store, actually learn something along the way.  Be engaged in the world around you.

I love twitter because it's my version of the world I want to learn about - coming at me faster than I can imagine.  I love twitter because it's temporal.  I love twitter because it forces you to be succinct and careful with your choice of words.  I love twitter because it allows you to connect instantly with so many people.  I love twitter because it gives you the opportunity to compliment someone on their work directly and immediately.  Finish reading a book you love?  Tweet the author and tell them how much you loved it.  Chances are, they'll get that message.

Anyway...I could go on, but this is way more than 140 characters, so...back to twitter, freaks.  And if you're not already, follow me @mattnealcomedy.  Thanks.