DEADPOOL and the return of sneaking into the theater

Does anyone remember sneaking into the theater?  When I was a kid, I was always too afraid to sneak in.  Also, I had really cool parents.  They took "Parental Guidance" very seriously...and by that, I mean, they took me to the movies and guided me if there were things that were too much for a little kid.  For example, Richard Pryor's LIVE ON THE SUNSET STRIP was in theaters March 12, 1982.  I was just about to turn 10 years old.  It was definitely rated R.  It was a heavy R, for sure. I remember they were laughing, so I laughed too.  I didn't understand half of the things he said, I just knew he was funny.  I was not offended or scarred by the experience.

"I tell you that to tell you this..." - if my parents hadn't been cool like that, sometimes an R rated movie is worth going around the rules.  Sneaking in the back door of a theater because one of your friends works there.  That's the good stuff.  The fear of being caught by the stickler 18 year old manager of the theater and their flashlight.  Getting walked out of the theater - oh, the humiliation.  But really, it's all about the exhilaration of being

I'm old enough now that I don't need anyone to accompany me to a movie, but I couldn't help feeling a little bit like a little kid when I saw DEADPOOL.  It was a super hero comic book come to life, only he was "bad".  He used "bad" words.  There were boobs.  There were bad guys getting dismantled with blood and reckless abandon.

DEADPOOL is a teenager's dream movie.  Laughs, Violence, Boobs, Action.  Even for an old codger like me, it was a hell of a fun movie and so genre breaking - it just didn't give a shit about rules, standards, fourth wall breaking, and most important, selling toys.  This is a movie for young dudes.  Ryan Reynolds makes it tolerable for young dudes' girlfriends to sit through and hate, but mostly, it's just a damn fun movie.  I wouldn't mind all of the comic book movies going this direction, really.  Dark comedy is my jam (well, one of my jams).  It's the movie Iron Man could be - so, hopefully, we'll see an Iron Man/Deadpool movie where these two really get to be "real".

I try to see a lot of movies and when I do, I usually give you a little update on twitter (#LateNightMovieReview)...but I'm thinking I may switch to blogging about movies because it's a fun writing exercise and I love movies.  So, here you go...enjoy.  And grab some old friends, pretend you're 13, get dropped off in front of the theater and sneak in to watch DEADPOOL.